Meet me – meet Thomas.

I started out to improve efficiency and productivity after I witnessed the need for integration and communication of knowledge in very different settings. During my life in Germany, China and Vietnam I took responsibility in a variety of positions: as start-up advisor, external consultant, project manager in a non-profit eco-project and as a GM for a publicly listet media company. All of these organisations tried hard to make their inner workings tangible. I have worked with creative artists, political organisations, retailers and production facilities and noticed the difficulties each of them had understanding how they were actually doing what ever it was they were doing.
All of these individuals and organisations were great personalities. Well, not totally all of them but they knew exactly what they wanted to do. They had a vision, they had a product or a call to action, they had done their homework. But what baffeled me again and again is how all of them where hempered by two very distinct problems: For once, they did not have a logical & practical outline of how their things are done. And even if they had, there was no system in place to ensure that things are done right.
So I started giving advice on how to make processes a part of organizations and individuals. It turns out that this kind of work aligns comfortably with my personality as an extremly organized individual. I do a lot of adventure touring and rock climbing, both activities where good check-lists and error-proof security guidelines are a must. Living in a digital age, I try to integrate as many new technologies into my personal workflow as possible but on the same time try to keep a maximum of simplicity. I am no techno-geek and my moleskine tells me that there is a cause for analog note-keeping.
I decided to make my pesonal skills in this area available to help individuals, start-ups and small enterprises get smarter, more productive and efficient. Please feel free to engage with me and send me an email or subscribe to my newsletter. This will make sure that you receive all of my updates, training dates and free takeaways.
I am looking forward to hearing your productivity story!

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