Currently the mobile phone is replacing the laptop as the leading digital productivity tool. The obvious perks of using mobile apps and saas accounts are that they are available instantly and everywhere. In addition, the developers tweaked their user interfaces and in-app processes to be as easy to use as possible. Newly introduced macro-services like and that interconnect existing apps allow you to create automatized workflows along different apps. This means that you have the power and ingenuity of these people at your fingertips

In my trainings I usually provide an extensive introduction into a number of ideas and concepts of productivity and efficiency in a digital and mobile environment. We will talk about time-keeping, tagging, and other habits before we shift the focus slightly on one particular cluster of habits and tools. This is centered around concepts like Getting Things Done, tools like Evernote and systems like the Secret Weapon and helps with your everyday personal work-flow.


The goal of the my trainings is to build your own productivity system during the day and to provide tips and best practices for achieving more in less time. Get a little peace of mind when it comes to your to-dos! Visit one of my trainings and snatch up physical hand-outs and digital templates! Or call me to inquire about bespoke trainings for your team.


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